Can you protect your company from whistleblower complaints?

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As a California business owner, you want to do everything possible to protect your business. While installing security cameras and handicap ramps can be a great start, you need to think beyond the basics. Whistleblower complaints are a risk, and receiving one for your business can be a financial disaster.

Start by understanding the laws

There are both state and federal whistleblower laws, so it’s important to understand what these laws require. A business litigation attorney may help you navigate the legal jargon that explains these laws so that you know your responsibilities.

Always do ethical business

One of the best protective measures against whistleblower complaints is to conduct only ethical business. When you set a standard for your business and its employees to operate in an ethical fashion, it helps to establish your company culture. It’s a good idea to consider publishing a company code of ethics so that employees fully understand how to comply with the standards you want to set for your business.

Set company whistleblower policies

A great way to protect your business against whistleblower complaints is to hear the complaints first. When you establish a set of whistleblower policies for your business, they can give your employees a clear outlet for how to handle problems that they feel need to be addressed. It’s then more likely that employees will report conduct problems to your business staff over contacting government agencies.

When it comes to protecting your business, there are many ways to do it. Whistleblower complaints are1 not only expensive from a legal standpoint; they provide lots of bad press for your business. By implementing the strategies above, you can help to add more protection for your business against receiving whistleblower complaints in the future.


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