A Law Firm Helping You Enforce Foreign Judgments

One of the most difficult aspects of conducting business internationally is the resolution of legal or contractual disputes. If your U.S.-based company has gone to trial and/or obtained a judgment against a defendant anywhere in the United States, enforcing the judgment is fairly straightforward.

When relying on the cooperation of foreign courts, however, the process becomes more complicated and the outcome less certain. If you live in the United States and need to enforce a foreign judgment (or vice versa), it is in your best interests to contact a lawyer who understands the intricacies of this area of law.

At the law offices of Kenneth I. Gross & Associates, our attorneys have decades of experience advocating for companies involved in international business disputes. We help both American and non-American companies enforce monetary judgments awarded in foreign and domestic courts.

Understanding Challenges As Well As Available Legal Options

Proving that a foreign judgment is valid can be a long and difficult process. It often starts with obtaining a certified copy of the judgment. Next, you may need to obtain a certification of the clerk of court who certified the judgment. Then, you may need to work with the U.S. State Department to certify the minister of justice (or other official) who certified the clerk of court. This chain of documentation can be tedious.

Of course, the ease of enforcing foreign judgments can vary depending on a given country’s relationship with the United States and whether both countries are signatories to certain international conventions and agreements. Our firm has extensive knowledge of and experience with these various legal agreements and will put that knowledge to work in your case.

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