Protect Your Intellectual Property Through Targeted Litigation

Nearly everyone understands the power of branding. Indeed, the term “personal brand” is often used to describe an individual’s reputation, devoid of any commercial context. Because brand association is so powerful and financially consequential, it is critical to protect yourself and your company from those trying to profit illegally from your intellectual property — including trademarks and patents.

Lawyers Helping You Fight Back Against Trademark Infringement

When another business illegally violates your trademarked name, slogan or other identifying material, it is trying to profit from your company’s strong brand. Not only does this reduce your revenue, it might also negatively impact how customers feel about your company. If inferior knock-off products are sold under your company’s name, for instance, customers may believe that the quality of your merchandise has decreased.

At The Law Offices of Kenneth I. Gross & Associates, our attorneys bring decades of experience to each patent infringement case. We represent both American and international companies in trademark disputes. Although intellectual property laws can be difficult to enforce in other countries, our firm has the experience and knowledge to ensure that your brand is not weakened or harmed by those trying to profit illegally.

Patent Lawsuits And Other IP Infringement Litigation

In recent decades, patent infringement had become a thorny legal landscape with the explosive growth of software and other digital technology. First, the high volume of patent applications prompted the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to approve too many patents for ideas that were too broad and vague. This, in turn, allowed patent trolls to do nothing but sue other companies for violating patents which arguably should not have been granted in the first place.

Although things are beginning to change for the better, it is still very important to work with an experienced attorney who understands how to protect the legitimacy of your patent (or other IP) and to vigorously defend it against infringement. Our Los Angeles-based firm has the skills, experience and resources to litigate infringement cases on behalf of American and international companies.

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