Representing International Companies In The United States

Conducting business on U.S. soil — or engaging in business transactions with American companies — can lead to legal disputes. For international companies, the threat of litigation in American courts can jeopardize ongoing operations and profits. The United States has one of the most complicated legal systems in the world. Not only are the procedural rules highly intricate, but the applicable layers of state and federal law can also be convoluted.

When legal disputes arise, professional representation is indispensable. Navigating complex legal disputes in Los Angeles and courts throughout the U.S. without the guidance of an experienced American attorney can spell disaster for foreign businesses.

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Understanding International Business Needs

At the law firm of Kenneth I. Gross & Associates, we provide experienced legal representation for international businesses seeking California counsel. Our attorneys are accomplished litigators with decades of experience representing international companies in U.S. courts at both the state and federal levels. Our founding attorney formerly practiced in southwestern China, where he was one of the first licensed foreign attorneys to practice law.

Our global experience gives us valuable insight into clients’ business needs. We understand the challenges that international businesses face when conducting business in the United States.

We combine a global perspective with in-depth knowledge of the intricacies in the American legal system, providing valuable legal guidance for businesses with international roots.

Experienced Litigation Services

From our offices in Los Angeles and Rosemead, we assist international businesses with any type of litigation matter they encounter in California, whether on the plaintiff or defense side, including:

  • Contract-related disputes
  • Disputes over intellectual property
  • Investment fraud
  • Commercial collections

We also assist foreign companies in enforcing arbitration awards from their home countries in U.S. courts.

Efficient, Cost-Effective Counsel

As a small firm, we offer the advantage of efficient, cost-effective services while also maintaining the same quality of services as a large firm. Our goal is to help clients protect their investments and profits. To that end, we are always conscious of the economic ramifications of various legal strategies for business litigation. Clients appreciate our consistent attention to their business objectives.

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