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For any business, legal issues are almost inevitable. The law impacts all aspects of business formation, operation and dissolution.

This is particularly true for international businesses. Businesses with international roots often encounter unique legal hurdles when operating in the United States or conducting business with U.S. companies. Yet, due to the nature of these issues, it is often impracticable and time-consuming for companies to use in-house counsel to navigate the American legal system. Simply put, such in-house counsel runs the risk of not getting the right information or drawing the right conclusions.

At Kenneth I. Gross & Associates, we offer a streamlined, cost-effective solution for international businesses seeking domestic legal counsel. Based in Los Angeles, we combine the same high quality of services as a large law firm or in-house representative with the efficiency and economy of a small practice.

Please schedule a free initial consultation with our international business attorneys today. You may call our firm at 213-784-4232 (toll-free at 866-634-2816).

Our firm is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and Taiwanese. 我們會講中文

International Experience | Global Perspective | 我們會講中文

Our attorneys have decades of experience representing international companies in a broad range of legal issues. Previously, Kenneth Gross practiced law in southwestern China, where he was one of the first foreign attorneys licensed to practice.

Between our attorneys and staff, we speak Mandarin, Cantonese and Taiwanese. Our value lies not only in our bilingual services but also in our understanding of Chinese culture and business climate.

As a result of our extensive international experience, we can readily anticipate and understand the complex legal issues that international businesses face.

Meeting Business Needs

We have the financial savvy to offer strategic guidance for our clients in any American legal matter they face. Whether your company is seeking assistance in registering trademarks, defending its intellectual property in the United States, contracting with American companies, collecting on American debts, litigating in U.S. courts or enforcing foreign arbitration awards, our lawyers can offer skilled representation.

Clients appreciate our familiarity with the business realm and our attention to their objectives. We understand business needs, and we work diligently to protect our clients’ investments and profits.

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To learn more about how our international business attorneys can assist you, please contact us at 213-784-4232 or 866-634-2816. Initial consultations are free of charge. We offer two convenient office locations in downtown Los Angeles and Rosemead, California.