Guiding Individuals Who Wish To Invest Overseas

The internet and telecommunications have made it easier than ever to invest in foreign markets and businesses. Foreign investments can be highly lucrative, but there are also risks associated with investments made outside of your home country.

When investing internationally, it is a good idea to work with an experienced international business attorney like those at Kenneth I. Gross & Associates. We have the skills, experience and resources to help you mitigate risk and make the smartest choices in foreign investment.

Understand The Risks Of Investing Overseas

Whether you are a U.S. citizen wanting to invest in Asia or Europe or a non-citizen looking to invest in the United States, we can help you invest more safely and intelligently. Here are just some of the risks and pitfalls an experienced lawyer can help you avoid:

  • Unduly high transaction costs
  • Volatility of currency and exchange rates
  • Problems with asset liquidity
  • Differing reporting requirements that can impact transparency
  • Investing in countries with high rates of corruption and market instability

How Our Firm Can Help

As a law firm with international reach, we can serve as your representatives in foreign investment. Our attorneys can improve transparency and lower risk through:

  • Researching your tentative investment choices for you
  • Reviewing and negotiating contracts
  • Working with our attorney counterparts in other countries
  • Offshore asset protection
  • Taking legal actions on your behalf if you have been illegally cheated or scammed by a particular investment

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