When workers collaborate on false sexual harassment claims

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Employers face many different hardships when it comes to bitter and disgruntled employees. Sometimes, former workers try to get revenge against a company that used to employ them, while other people simply have financial motivations. There are various ways in which workers try to get revenge, but some decide to file a lawsuit over false allegations of sexual harassment and these cases are especially damaging if multiple workers collaborate to bring down an employer.

According to the Office of the Attorney General, sexual harassment is illegal and takes various forms, from unwanted advances to physical contact. However, not all claims are valid. If your company is the target of false sexual harassment allegations, you need to examine all of your options closely. In addition to defending one’s firm, some business owners make the decision to take legal action against those who falsely accuse someone within their company of sexual harassment.

Protecting your firm against sexual harassment accusations

For starters, it is imperative to identify strategies to protect your workplace when these allegations come up. Many employers feel overwhelmed and some even become hopeless, especially since these cases carry a harsh stigma. However, there are various strategies to defend your company, such as reviewing the details of the alleged incident(s) and gathering as much evidence as possible (emails, text messages, eyewitnesses and so on).

Protecting other staff members facing false allegations

Aside from protecting your own company, it is also important to defend staff members who are falsely accused of sexual harassment. Not only can claims against them cause serious damage in terms of your company’s reputation, but losing key workers is also very hard for many companies. Regrettably, these false accusations derail many careers and also cause irreparable damage in terms of a company’s future.


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