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Mylan prevails in pharmaceutical patent dispute

Multiple sclerosis patients in California and across the country have watched an intellectual property dispute play out in the pharmaceutical arena that could have a major influence on the price of a key drug in MS treatment. Copaxone, patented by Teva Pharmaceuticals, is one of the most widely prescribed treatments for relapsing multiple sclerosis. From August 2017 to 2018, $2.86 billion in 40 mg/mL doses were sold as well as $527 million in 20 mg/mL doses.

Judge rejects Disney's claim of trademark infringement

Disney is finding it more difficult than anticipated to sue third parties that allegedly violate the use of its trademarked characters at birthday parties. The California-based entertainment company lost a summary judgement against a company in New York that sent characters with names like "The Princess," "The Duck" and "Big Harry Guy" to birthday parties. Disney claims the characters are meant to trick customers into thinking they are well-known trademarked property.

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