Seeking resolution to a boundary line dispute

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Homeowners have the right to use and enjoy their property as they wish. However, there are situations that could impact their use of their property, such as a dispute with the neighboring owner regarding the location of boundary lines. These types of disputes are not only complicated and awkward to navigate, they can be costly as well. California property owners may find it beneficial to learn about the ways they can protect their interests in case of an issue with a neighbor. 

Encroachment and other problems 

A property line dispute is a fast way to ruin a good relationship with a neighbor. However, there are times when it is necessary to take action, especially if the neighbor is encroaching. This happens when the neighbor builds something on the neighboring property, such as a fence. Other issues can include trespassing, easements, privacy violations and more.  

There are ways to seek a resolution to an ongoing boundary-line dispute. One way is to have a new survey of the property done to determine the exact location of boundary lines. Another is to simply speak with the neighbor to determine if there is a reasonable path forward without litigation. If that is not possible, it may be necessary to take the matter to court. 

The protection of property rights 

It is possible for one to protect his or her property rights in the midst of a boundary line dispute. It may help to speak with an experienced California attorney who can provide insight regarding the ideal way to pursue recourse. An assessment of the case can reveal the specific legal options that are available. 


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