What happens after the infringement of a trademark? 

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A company’s intellectual property is one of its most valuable assets. These are types of intangible yet critical properties, such as client lists, secret formulas, unique processes and even a company’s branding. There are legal protections available that can shield these assets from theft and unauthorized use. One of these protections includes trademarks. Infringement of a trademark is a serious matter, and it should be handled promptly through the appropriate legal channels. 

Trademarks and their value for a company 

Trademarks are intellectual property owned by a company or a person, and this property adds value or contributes to the owner’s financial benefit. This can include branding images, phrases, words, devices, symbols and more. Infringement of a trademark occurs when another person or party uses the trademark of another without permission.  

Trademark infringement can confuse the public, and it can cause customers unknowingly patronize the wrong company. This impacts profitability and the well-being of a business. To protect a trademark, a company can register it. If the application is approved, the registrant is the presumed legal owner of the trademark. If infringement occurs, immediate steps should be taken to stop the unauthorized use of intellectual property. 

Protecting business interests 

The protection of intellectual property is important for any business. It is beneficial to speak to an experienced attorney as soon as possible about a trademark infringement and potential options for recourse. It is possible to take legal steps that will allow one to halt the infringement and potentially seek compensation for losses and other complications. 


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