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trademark infringement litigation Archives

Riot Games sues Riot Squad for trademark infringement

The California-based video game company Riot Games, which is best known for its 'League of Legends" series, has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against the esports organization Riot Squad. The litigation, which got filed in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, alleges that the Chicago-based esports tournament organizer violated rights protected by the Lanham Act and is engaging in unfair business practices prohibited by California law.

Facebook sued over Libra logo

An online banking and software development company has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Facebook. The California-based social media giant is facing possible legal sanctions for using a logo that is allegedly virtually identical to one protected by a trademark issued in 2016. The logo at the center of the dispute is a tilde design that Facebook is using to promote its proposed Libra digital currency.

Consumer confusion matters in some advertising trademark cases

When California consumers enter keyword searches based on trademarked terms into a search engine, they might see results from competitors of the trademark owner. Previous legal cases have claimed unsuccessfully that competitors bidding on trademarked terms for keyword advertising campaigns have infringed upon the trademark holders. The courts have heard multiple cases of this type and consistently ruled that the competitors did not infringe upon trademarks because the search results did not confuse consumers.

Trucking company claims Amazon infringed on its trademark

Many California residents use Amazon Prime to order products. However, a trucking company called Prime Inc. says that Amazon is infringing on its trademark by using the word "prime" on trailers used to deliver goods. The company has filed a lawsuit in the Western District of Missouri seeking financial damages related to the infringement. Specifically, the company claims that it is entitled to three times Amazon's profits or three times the losses that the infringement has caused.

Insurance policies may exclude trademark infringement defense

Businesses in California may want to pay close attention to their insurance coverage, especially if they will be dealing with intellectual property issues. This is illustrated in one case where a company sought coverage from their insurer for a lawsuit that accused the firm of infringing a trademark. However, the insurance company said that its policy did not provide coverage for intellectual property disputes, disclaiming its responsibility to defend the case. The company's case was dismissed after the insurance company demonstrated exclusions in its business liability and technology policies that addressed trademark infringement cases.

How to keep trade secrets protected

Companies in California and throughout the nation most likely have trade secrets that they need to protect. This can be done in a variety of ways including telling employees what they can and cannot share with others. Furthermore, the consequences for sharing protected information should be made clear in an employment contract. In the event that trade secret rights are violated, a company should take legal action quickly.

Guns N' Roses suing brewery for trademark infringement

California-based band Guns N' Roses is suing a brewery in Colorado over a menu item that bears the name "Guns N' Rosé" ale. The band claims the name the establishment is using for its ale creates the false impression that they are somehow associated with it. The brewery at the center of the matter attempted to trademark the name for its product in 2018, which is what ultimately attracted the band's attention.

Horse-racing announcer sues over trademark infringement in movie

Making a film in California sometimes results in some unexpected surprises, such as legal action. This is what's happening with a 2014 Bill Murray movie. A horse-racing announcer is suing the film's production company over what he claims is trademark infringement. The case centers around the phrase "And down the stretch they come!" which the announcer first used in the 1960s. It later became a well-known phrase when he used it during horse races shown on broadcast TV in the 1970s.

A claim involving BMW and trademark infringement

California brand owners may be interested in learning about a case involving car manufacturer BMW and a telecommunications company that registered with the same initials in its company name. This is something that is of particular interest to those with brands that are well-known around across the nation and around the world.

Trademark infringement is on the rise

It's not unusual for California business owners to want to have something truly unique about their brand that's also legally protected. The World Intellectual Property Organization reports that the number of trademark application filings has spiked considerably. In 2017 alone, applications jumped 30 percent over the previous year. Because of the rise of trademark application filings, there is greater need to be diligent about screening, clearing, registering and watching trademarks.

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