Defense against claims of sexual harassment in the workplace

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Employees have the right to speak out about any type of mistreatment they may experience in the workplace. If they are the victim of mistreatment or inappropriate behaviors, such as sexual harassment, they may take steps to report the incident to human resources and even pursue legal action, if necessary. California business owners know it is important to defend a company against these allegations, as well as how to prevent harassment in the workplace. 

The importance of training 

One of the most effective things an employer can do to prevent sexual harassment in professional environments is to provide all employees with effective and informative training. Workshops and trainings regarding the avoidance of these behaviors help bring awareness to the matter. It can also educate employees regarding the behaviors that may be considered harassment and how to act in the workplace. 

It is helpful to train employees on how to proceed in the event that they experience sexual harassment in the workplace. Companies need established procedures that will allow employees to voice concerns and report incidents in a way that is discreet. Prevention, awareness and education are three ways to defend against the possibility of harassment claims.

A strong defense against allegations 

A California business has the right to defend its interests against allegations of sexual harassment. These allegations represent the possibility of financial loss and other complications, and presenting a strong defense is critical. With the right support, it will be possible to protect interests and seek an acceptable outcome to these allegations. 


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