What do you know about minor work permits?

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To employ minors in California, you and the potential employee must have a work permit. That permit applies to nearly all individuals under the age of 18. If your company wishes to employ a minor, you must ensure legal compliance to avoid potential legal consequences.

The Permit to Employ And Work

There is only one form used by California to request a permit for a minor and the potential employer. The minor acquires this form from their school, and both parties must sign it, as well as the minor’s parents or guardians. Once signed, depending on the minor’s age, they may work a pre-determined number of hours and frequency.

However, there are some exceptions to the need for a work permit, including:

  • Students who have a “certificate of proficiency”
  • Children working on their parent’s farm
  • Self-employed minors
  • Minors who perform intermittent “odd jobs”

The above are only a few examples of the exceptions to the work permit laws. Whether these exceptions apply to you will depend on your situation.

The Entertainment Work Permit

Because the entertainment industry is so large in California, there is a separate form for child entertainers to retain work. Unlike a regular work permit, this requires turning to the California department of labor.

Still, the laws on how many hours and how long your minor employees can work are tightly regulated. Film and tv shoots are notoriously long-lasting, but they must carefully manage the output of their child actors.

Defending against allegations

Managing an employee’s hours is important, but it isn’t always perfect. If you face allegations of violating California labor law regarding minors or any employee, you must find a skilled attorney ready to work hard to defend your company.


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