What will worker privacy rights be under the new law?

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The landmark consumer privacy law that created the California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA) will soon expand to include employees. Employees – starting next year – receive the right to view and choose the data collected and used by their employers. This is expected to be a significant shift for companies, but what rights are employees getting?

The right to request

Starting in 2023, employees may make requests of their employers to provide them with a list of the data they have collected on them. This information may include:

  • Driver’s license information
  • Date of birth
  • Marriage status
  • Gender identity
  • Income

It is perfectly fine to collect this data for internal uses – such as payroll or communication – but the sale of the data and the potential for security leaks are troubling to many. Employees will now get to know what data profiles their employers have on them.

The right to restrict

The sale of data is extremely profitable and extremely useful for companies. Knowing specific facts about a person allows for an incredibly effective advertising profile. Ad targeting is only one aspect of data collection, but it is the most popular and the one people know the most about. A significant revenue stream will close by halting the sale of an employee’s data.

The right to delete

This may be the most complicated data request for employers. Payment and primary contact information are necessary for an employer to compensate employees. However, there may be data collected by employers that isn’t necessary. The employer must honor the request to delete and cease such data collection.

What you should do about employee data

Obviously, following the law strictly is a vitally important part of what you must do, but understanding the policy will greatly impact your business. Make sure you speak with an attorney about your requirements and liabilities.


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