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December 2019 Archives

Airlines battle in "flagship" trademark dispute

Two of California's biggest airlines are locked in a dispute over trademarks used in their marketing materials. American Airlines sued rival company Delta Air Lines over the term "Flagship." Delta has begun using the term to promote premium flights, while American already uses the term for its own first- and business-class options. American requested that the court issue an injunction against Delta prohibiting the rival airline from using the disputed term in its promotion. It says that Delta has long been aware that American has trademarked these terms to promote its premium flights, as the airline has been using them for decades.

Some indie games accused of violating Chooseco trademark

Some gaming fans in California may have noticed that a few indie games on the gaming storefront have been removed if they use the phrase "Choose your own adventure." Chooseco, the Choose Your Own Adventure books publisher, claimed that four games were infringing on its trademark. On Twitter, the founder of warned developers to avoid using the phrase since Chooseco was issuing takedown notices.

Handling an unfounded sexual harassment claim

Running a modern workplace can be somewhat challenging. After all, you must meet or exceed customer demands if you want to stay in business. You must also recruit and retain the best talent possible. Furthermore, in the #MeToo era, you must take a proactive approach to addressing sexual harassment claims. 

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