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November 2019 Archives

Local food company sues Target for trademark infringement

Trademark owners in California and around the country usually take legal action to protect their intellectual property when branding elements similar to theirs are used in a way that could confuse consumers. This was the concern that prompted a Georgia woman to file a lawsuit in September against the big-box retailer Target. The woman founded the Atlanta-based company Garnish & Gather in 2013 to promote locally grown food, and she sent a trademark infringement notice to Target in August when she learned that the retailer planned to name its premium food brand Good & Gather.

Outdoor retailer sues over the word "backcountry"

Deciding whether to take legal action against infringers is sometimes difficult for intellectual property owners in California and around the country. Choosing to allow branding elements or copyrighted material to be used without consent makes future infringement more likely, but aggressive litigation can sometimes prompt a disapproving media response and an angry public backlash.

Riot Games sues Riot Squad for trademark infringement

The California-based video game company Riot Games, which is best known for its 'League of Legends" series, has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against the esports organization Riot Squad. The litigation, which got filed in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, alleges that the Chicago-based esports tournament organizer violated rights protected by the Lanham Act and is engaging in unfair business practices prohibited by California law.

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