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America is a nation of immigrants, and Los Angeles is an excellent example of American diversity. Immigration is at the foundation of our country's birth and advancement. It serves as a backbone for fostering growth and innovation, both culturally and economically.

The legal process of immigration, however, is exceedingly complex. Immigration is one of the most convoluted areas of the law. Numerous steps, hurdles and eligibility requirements — not to mention extensive paperwork and, potentially, interviews or hearings — must be overcome. The assistance of an experienced immigration attorney is vital to successfully navigating the maze of legal requirements.

We offer immigration services to businesses and individuals in Los Angeles, Alhambra, El Monte and all of Southern California.

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Pathways To Immigration

There are many pathways to immigration. One of the most common is through a family member. You may be eligible to petition for a green card through a sponsoring family member who is a U.S. citizen or green card holder, depending on the degree of kinship. It is important to seek professional advice to determine whether you qualify and how long the process may take. Investment in a U.S. business that will create 10 or more jobs for U.S. citizens or green card holders is another way to gain residency. This is commonly known as an EB-5 visa.

Businesses frequently encounter immigration needs when seeking fresh, cutting-edge talent for specialized positions. Employment-based immigration — whether temporary or permanent — involves an intricate process.

Experienced Immigration Attorneys With A Global Perspective

At Kenneth I. Gross & Associates in Los Angeles, California, we guide individuals, businesses and investors through the complex labyrinth of immigration law. Our attorneys have more than 50 years of combined experience practicing law and extensive international experience. This global perspective lends us additional insight into the challenges our immigration clients face.

We provide efficient, cost-effective guidance for nearly any type of immigration matter, including:

We also provide guidance for businesses on immigration verification requirements. Our attorneys regularly represent businesses — including international companies — on a wide range of legal matters, and we understand business needs.

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